God’s Dream of Partnering with You

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Welcome to Unleashing the Champion Within.

We are continuing our series from my new book, God’s Dream for Your Life.

Today we are going to talk about God’s dream to partner with you.

This weekend I spoke at a conference. The night before I was to speak I had a dream and I actually woke myself up preaching.

This was the dream:

I was standing at the podium that was covered with several different types of bags. The first bag was structured, like a paper bag, able to stand upright. The next bag was transparent and had no structure. I could see many other various types of bags all lined up. Each bag needed to be handled in its own special way in order to fill it up.

The Lord was showing me that each person is unique in the way they encounter Him. And, it is important to understand the way you engage with God. Knowing how you encounter Him facilitates your ability to move with Him in partnership.