Get equipped to live God's dream for your life: Live Course Starts September 17
"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..." - Jeremiah 1:5

Long before you took your first breath, God had intentions and dreams for your life that exceed your greatest expectations...

And no matter what you face - illness, family conflict, financial loss, tragedy or challenge - you were created for a purpose and designed to succeed. 

God isn't withholding good things from you, preventing your success, or punishing you for your past. He wants you to live your best life NOW — and for everyone around you to be affected by His marvelous touch. You were designed to live in miraculous realms, blowing "impossible" far out of the water.

After years of teaching around the world, defeating sickness, and building profitable businesses, God has given me keys to heal from the past, tap into His plans, overcome circumstances, walk in authority and change the world.

I want to share these keys with you — because you were born to thrive. This is why I wrote my new book, "God's Dream For Your Life." 

Filled with Biblical truth, encouraging stories, questions & challenges at the end of each chapter, "God's Dream For Your Life" will spark you to grow with God, dream with Him, and create a life that is beyond your wildest dreams.

For His plans and your best life,
Cindy Stewart
P.S. Keep reading to see what is all included in The Dream Challenge
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Dr. Cindy Stewart is an international speaker, teacher, author and business woman. Her passion is connecting people to their God-given purpose. She and her husband, Chuck, lead The Gathering Apostolic Center in Florida and Cindy is part of Patricia King's WIMN in ministry.
What's Included in the Course:
6 Live Events
God's Dream for Your Life 
Community Engagement
Secret Facebook Group
Workbook Download God's Dream for Your Life The Dream Challenge
Downloadable Workbook
Course Replays
Audio Teaching
Dream Worksheet
September 17th 
Monday at 7:30 PM EST
Live Sessions will occur on
Mondays at 7:30 PM EST for 6 consecutive weeks
$149  Value
  •  6 LIVE sessions with Cindy
  • Downloadable workbook
  •  God's Dream for Your Life e-book
  •  Audio Teachings
  •  Secret Facebook Group
  •  Dream Worksheet
  •  Course Replays
Patricia King Cindy Stewart book women's ministry God's Dream for Your Life
Dr. Cindy Stewart is a stellar woman of God, filled with virtue, anointed with God's Spirit, and empowered by love. God's Dream for Your Life will refresh, provoke and enlighten you, giving you opportunity to build a glorious path for your future.
Dr. Patricia King
Founder of Patricia King Ministries
Co-Founder of XPmedia
LIVE SESSIONS starting in:
Proceeds from this book are used to share the Gospel & equip the Body of Christ in developing areas like 
Zambia, Nigeria & Columbia. 
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