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His dreams for you include oneness with Him, fulfillment, lack of limitation, success, abundance, wholeness, and ultimately, leaving a footprint that will last way beyond our years.

So, how do you begin?  In God’s Dream for Your Life, Cindy Stewart provides a roadmap that will guide you on your journey to become all you can be in Him.

Sound biblical teaching and insights, along with an abundance of personal stories and activations, show the way to cultivating and enjoying a more intimate and intentional relationship with Him.

Learn to inhabit the “perfect living zone,” for a powerful, supernatural, abundant life, and so much more!

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Audio, book and workbook – package!



All 3 books – package!


  • God’s Dream for Your Life
  • 7 Visions
  • Believing God, Believing His Word

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Course Description: God’s Dream for Your Life 4 Hour Class

God’s Dream for Your Life will teach you how to live your dream with passion, direction, health, in abundance, and in the supernatural — all in partnership with God.

And you will learn how to activate God’s big extravagant Dreams into your life.

Four – Hour teaching includes Workbook. Available in Audio or Video.

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  • Video Package ~ God’s Dream for Your Life 4 Hour Video Class

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  • Video Package ~ God’s Dream for Your Life 4 Hour Video Class (No Book)

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Are you able to recognize God’s voice?

Do you long to have an encounter with God?  Believing God and Believing His Word will draw you into the Presence of God and prepare you to hear His voice.

Whether you know Him or not He is for you and has a plan for you.

Each one of these short stories contains a truth and an implementation of that truth you can live your life by. These stories will give you just what you need for that day, filling you with insight and encouragement as only God can do.



Did you know your life is important to God and His plans?

Did you even know that God wants to talk with you?

God is not some distant spirit – He is a loving heavenly Father who wants you to know Him so He can reveal your true identity.

This book is about the way He talked to me through a series of visions and personal exchanges that did just that!

Would you be willing to take a risk to experience His love and discover your true champion within?

Let my experience open the possibilities that God has for you.



 Two Book Package   


– Includes Believing God and Believing His Word and 7 Visions: A Glimpse of the Father’s Heart


Dream Worksheet

As mentioned on Patricia King LIVE

Do you know dreaming is important to your success?

I am not talking about the dreams you have at night
I am talking about the dreams you have for your life!

Dreams are seeds of possibility planted in your soul, calling you to pursue a unique path to the realization of your purpose.  John Maxwell 

Dreams are seeds for the future and when you dream — it prepares you for amazing opportunities in your future. Are you living the life you dream about?

“Remember, YOU are the BEST investment you can make.” – Cindy Stewart


Time Worksheet


10 Day Fasting Prayer Focus Booklet

As mentioned in Blog and Podcast Episode 86


PRINT 10 Day Fasting Prayer Focus PDF HERE


Are you killing off your team?  

My e-book, Relational Leadership, will improve your ability to lead your team without leaving a body count.

Unhappy, burnt-out team members, losing well-trained qualified people are all reflection of your leadership, and will affect the profitability.

I will teach you how to implement four strategies that will build a well-oiled machine. It all begins with your willingness to invest in YOU. Investing in your leadership style is the biggest game changer. Its effects reach everyone; yourself, your team, your circle of influence, your bottom line.

“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” – John C. Maxwell

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“This book is a must have. Whether you are a mature christian or someone seeking to know more about God. I loved it so much I purchased 10 to give away!”
~ Mike J

“Cindy has written a wonderful book that draws me into intimate conversations with God. The words are simple, the meaning profound. She selects passages from the Bible and provides insights that deepen and expand my understanding so I can easily apply God’s word to current struggles in my life. On page 21 she describes Abraham and Sarah as keeping ‘their minds on circumstances and not on the promises of God.’ Don’t we all that to do that? She also asks questions that prompt deep soul-searching, which encourages me in my walk with him. Her prayers are based on scripture, which makes it easy to pray alongside her, to pray from my heart to God’s heart. They touch my heart and lift me up. I look forward to her next book.”
~ Shelby H

“A ‘meaty’ subject made easily ‘digestible’ by good writing and relatable style. You will be immensely encouraged and richly blessed. Highly recommended!”
~ Monika S

“Cindy has a beautiful way of inspiring a person to have a deeper understanding of God, and insight on how we can have a closer relationship with the Lord. Cindy shares her heart with a powerful message and reminder of how much God loves us. Just finished reading, and writing in my journal, Day 30 of the Activation of ‘Going after Visions.’ Highly recommend ‘7 Visions: A Glimpse into the Father’s Heart’. You will be wonderfully blessed!”
~ Wanda K


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