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Champion: a remarkable person of excellence. they are mighty and strong —
the hero of their story and an advocate for others.
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Statistics show most people are too busy to discover their purpose. I have spent years guiding others in their purpose through personal development, relationships, and careers path. Together, we can actualize your blueprint of purpose!

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Season of Miracles ~ The Miracle of Choosing

Season of Miracles

~ The More of God

~ The Miracle of Choosing

~ Being Sanctified

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Season of Miracles ~ Part 2 ~ Creative Miracles

Episode 67

Welcome to my Christmas series, Season of Miracles. Last week we took a look at Inconvenient Miracles, if you haven’t read it yet, you can click on the link: cindy-stewart.com

This week we are going to explore Creative Miracles: Great, Greater and Greatest.

Before we get started, I wanted you to know I have a special announcement I will be making on December 10. Be sure to sign up on my website to receive this special announcement.

First, let’s start by defining what is meant by a creative miracle. A creative miracle is the creation of something that did not exist, which comes into a sudden existence.

I want to share testimonies about a great miracle, a greater miracle and the greatest miracle.

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