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More 2019 is an invitation for you to understand where you have been, identify where you are now, and see what the MORE is God has for you. You will grow spiritually; you will learn how to scale-up for growth and expansion, and how to achieve your vision.

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The Lord has shown me 2019 is a season of MORE. He has given me a plan to partner with a small group of people who want to discover the MORE available to them over these next nine months. God designed nine months to be a time of gestation, preparing and pursuing your dreams and visions to be birthed.


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Champion: a remarkable person of excellence. they are mighty and strong —
the hero of their story and an advocate for others.
let me help you realize and unleash your champion within!

Statistics show most people are too busy to discover their purpose. I have spent years guiding others in their purpose through personal development, relationships, and careers path. Together, we can actualize your blueprint of purpose!

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Battle Stations

Sunday Sermon

Cindy Stewart
June 30, 2019

David got focused on fleeing, on where do I run next? No longer believing what God promised.

We forget what God has promised us, and the victory of how He has gotten us this far. We forget the move of God that is really running interference on what the enemy is trying to do to us.

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Living in Your Sweet Spot

Episode 99

As I am writing this, I am watching the 2019 Women’s Tennis Finals at Wimbledon in England. Wimbledon is one of the five grand slam tournaments where only the most elite athletes are able to compete.

The two players, Serena Williams and Simone Halep have prepared every day to compete at this level. They have spent years training their bodies, with hours of practice, proper nutrition and working with coaches so this day could become a reality.

They are living in what I would call their sweet-spot.

What is a sweet-spot?

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Together, we will develop the right message providing enhanced relational results for your audience.

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