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Champion: a remarkable person of excellence. they are mighty and strong — the hero of their story and an advocate for others.
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Statistics show most people are too busy to discover their purpose. I have spent years guiding others in their purpose through personal development, relationships, and careers path. Together, we can actualize your blueprint of purpose!

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6th Anniversary Testimonies and Prophetic Words

Sermon October 7, 2018

6th Anniversary Testimonies and Prophetic Words

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Actively Waiting on Your Dreams

Episode 59

I am continuing with the series from my new book, God’s Dream for Your Life. Today, we will dig into what “actively waiting” looks like as we “wait” for our dreams to be fulfilled.

Before we get started, I have a question to ask you.

God has BIG dreams & plans for your life —

Are you living them?

I have developed a quiz to help you identify where you are on your journey and what might be your next steps.


To start this topic of the waiting for the dream, here is a quote from author and poet Sandra Cisneros.

“One press account said I was an overnight success.
I thought that was the longest night I’ve ever spent.”1

What dream are you waiting on?

These are a few from others who have shared with me:

  • Finding a Love
  • Discovering their Passion and Purpose
  • Clarity in the next step
  • Starting a business
  • Healing

Many times we can become weary as we are in the process of waiting, discouragement can begin to set in, hopelessness replaces our heart of expectancy — sometimes to the point we wonder if we should give up.

There have been times while waiting, I have wondered if the breakthrough would ever come. One particular time, I knew it was time to take the next step, but what I didn’t know was where the step was! I lacked clarity.

Has that ever happened to you?


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