Uniquely You

“Each of you is an original.
Each of you has a distinctive voice.
When you find it, your story will be told.
You will be heard.”
~ John Grisham 

My online More 2019 group was praying and brainstorming about the strategy for one of the members new business.  Someone asked this question,

“What makes you unique?”

The question isn’t about what makes the business unique, but what makes each of us as individuals unique, different from everyone else.

The question challenged each of us in the group to explore what it is we carry that sets us apart and makes us unique.

Take a minute and think about all the things about you that are unique to you.

Were you able to recognize your own unique characteristics?

It can be challenging to list our uniqueness. Partly because we have been taught to compare ourselves to others for the purposes of trying to conform to other’s expectations, family, business, church, etc.

Let me share a little of my journey in discovering my uniqueness. Being the 4th of 5 children, there was always comparison to my older siblings. From my parents, to teachers they had before me, to neighbors, which can at times be a compliment, “you are just like your sister, she is so smart” or at times not, “why aren’t you more like your sister, she is so smart?” Can you relate to this?

Whether a compliment or criticism, the fact is — I am not just like my sister or anyone else. I am me — and it has taken years to embrace the uniqueness of me instead of trying to squeeze myself into someone else’s uniqueness.

So, let’s STOP this struggle and EMBRACE OUR UNIQUENESS!   

There are so many reasons for you to embrace your uniqueness. And frankly, when you do — your life will become so much easier! YESeasier! Because you are living in the truth of who you were created to be.

Here are just three reasons you are unique.

  1. Your Uniqueness was designed by God

The Word of God says, “Your very hands have held me and made me who I am…” (Psalms 119:73 TPT). God has created each one of us to be different.

With each passing year of my life, I have grown to appreciate and enjoy my own uniqueness. Just to give you an example, I have learned to love teaching and speaking. In my corporate life, I would do presentations to customers about our product, so the information was standard with each one.

Now I have the opportunity to prepare, create and to share topics that will help others find their unique paths. It is exciting to see their eyes light up when they have that WOW breakthrough moment for their own journey.

2.  Scientifically — it is impossible to have anyone like You

Your DNA, personality and even your fingerprints are one of a kind — unique to you! You cannot be duplicated — really — you cannot be cloned! Those traits that make you, you are unique to the personality God has created in you.

So, what you can do is choose to be the best version of YOU! You can develop your character, you can grow in excellence, you can hone your skills – there is always room to improve you. And you and only you are free to make that choice!

3.  You are the Only One who can fulfill Your call and purpose

Did you know that if you deny your calling, someone else may step in, but there will be a missing piece — and it is your unique touch!

Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Peter, and Paul each was unique to the calling and purposes on their life. Paul could not have done what Peter did, nor could Peter have done what Paul did.

This was one of the many significant lessons in Scripture – we all have a purpose we are to fulfill. No one is designed to fulfill someone else’s call.

I trust you will discover your uniqueness and be encouraged by how unique you are! That you are designed uniquely, and filled with purpose and design created just for you.  Should you find this difficult to do please contact me and allow me to help you discover your unique qualities.

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Remember, you are the best investment you can make.

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