Season of Miracles ~ Inconvenient Miracles ~ Part 1

Although we are entering into the Christmas season, for me, it seems like just yesterday it was August, and now suddenly I am preparing to close out the year. How about you, has time surprised you, too?

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Last year, during the Christmas season I released a series called Jesus Who? You can find the series on my website

This year I am continuing the tradition of releasing a new series called Season of Miracles. Together, we will discover the miracles, which have been made possible through our relationship with Jesus.

In Part One of our series, Season of Miracles, we look at the miracles that may come at an inconvenient time in our lives. Inconvenient sounds counter-intuitive — right? How could a miracle from God be an inconvenience?

But, it can — stay with me as we look at the lives of two women whose miracle came in the most inconvenient time in their lives.

Then God said, “Behold, I am going to make a covenant. Before all your people I will do wondrous works (miracles) such as have not been created or produced in all the earth nor among any of the nations; and all the people among whom you live shall see the working of the Lord, for it is a fearful and awesome thing that I am going to do with you.” (AMP) Exodus 34:10

God has promised us miracles that will display His wonder. His miracles will create a hunger among others as they see His mighty works.

We open with the story of two cousins, Elizabeth and Mary. Both received the miracle of conception when pregnancy was impossible for both.

For Elizabeth, she was too old and could not have conceived. Based on her physical state, pregnancy was impossible.

Elizabeth was a homemaker and the wife of Zechariah, who was a priest. They were known as people of excellence and honor. Elizabeth was faced with the shame of being childless. She was past the age of childbearing, possibly as old as 88.

At this season of her life, she would have been winding down from the hustle and bustle of what should have been her childbearing age. At this stage in life, she would have had the younger women assisting and helping her.

Then suddenly, the miracle she had prayed for arrived — she was with child!

Consider some of the thoughts that might have danced through her head as she realized she was expecting her first child.

How is this possible?
I am so excited and nervous — at the same time.
Thank You Lord for lifting the shame from my family.

Now for Mary, she was young and betrothed; conceiving before the wedding was reason to be stoned to death.

Beautiful Mary, a virgin, was betrothed to Joseph; a wife in every way except that which led to family. Never having been with a man, pregnancy was impossible.

Mary’s life was filled with possibilities of being a young woman. She was in preparation, anticipating the day her beloved would come to whisk her off to a new life as a bride and hopefully some day a mother.

Consider some of the thoughts that might have danced through her head as she realized she was with child.

How will I explain to my betrothed?
I trust in You Lord
Your possible overshadowed my impossible

Neither one knew God’s promise to the entire world would be birthed through each of them.

Both Elizabeth and Mary had heard the promise of the Lord, which came long before the conception. They knew “the words and promises of the Lord are pure words…” (Psalm 12:6 AMP)

Elizabeth birthed John the Baptist, the prophetic promise of a voice announcing the arrival of the Messiah; “Behold, I send my messenger, and he will prepare the way before me. And the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to his temple.” (Malachi 3:1 ESV)

Mary’s pregnancy would be the sign to the world that their long-awaited Messiah was about to be born. “The virgin will be pregnant. She will have a son, and she will name him Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14 NCV)

Elizabeth and Mary’s miracles could have been perceived as an inconvenience in their life, one baby arriving too late and the other arriving too early. Despite the perceived even momentary inconvenience, they both received revelation.

My physical state does not stop God’s promise from being birthed through me!

What does their story have to do with the miracles you are waiting for God to release?


Elizabeth and Mary’s miracles give us two questions to think about:

1) Are you waiting for a miracle that seems long overdue?

Elizabeth thought the time had passed her by to receive the miracle of a child. But when her miracle came, she found joy and excitement in God’s faithfulness.

Find your promised miracle in the Word of God. Then declare and stand on your promise until the “Yes” and “Amen” of God brings it to pass.

2) Is God calling you to be the carrier of a miracle?

Mary received a miracle that would be a life long calling. This calling would require a heart of obedience and love. Her “yes” would change her life in ways she never could have dreamed.

For many of you, God has placed a call on your life to follow Him. His call will interrupt your plans, and send you on a journey that will require the same response Mary gave, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38 AMP).

We are in a Season of Miracles!

Each one of us is designed to become part of the greatest miracle ever released, which is to believe that Jesus is Lord and give our lives to following Him. Out of your “yes” comes everything that you need.

What miracle do you need?

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