God’s Dream of Partnering with You

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We are continuing our series from my new book, God’s Dream for Your Life.

Today we are going to talk about God’s dream to partner with you.

This weekend I spoke at a conference. The night before I was to speak I had a dream and I actually woke myself up preaching.

This was the dream:

I was standing at the podium that was covered with several different types of bags. The first bag was structured, like a paper bag, able to stand upright. The next bag was transparent and had no structure. I could see many other various types of bags all lined up. Each bag needed to be handled in its own special way in order to fill it up.

The Lord was showing me that each person is unique in the way they encounter Him. And, it is important to understand the way you engage with God. Knowing how you encounter Him facilitates your ability to move with Him in partnership.

God’s dream is for you to develop a working knowledge of Him, so you are able to partner with Him. This working knowledge comes from spending time alone with God and learning how He connects with you.

Think about it this way. God gave us five senses, touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.

Ask yourself, Which of my senses does God use to engage with me?

For me, there are three senses that are normally heightened when God wants to get my attention. I sense God through touch as He causes my little finger and ring finger to tingle. God uses my sense of sight, showing me pictures or a movie in my mind. God also uses my hearing. It is not an audible sound, it is a hearing within me.

When we recognize God’s engaging with us  – We can then align ourselves with Him, position ourselves to partner with Him for the unexpected, and practice the release of what He gives us.

Let me share a dream that my husband and I partnered with God. This is an excerpt from my book, God’s Dream for Your Life.

My husband and I wanted our son to go to college without incurring any debt. We decided to start the Florida Prepaid College Savings Program. He was a good student and a basketball player; so, with this combination, we thought we were financially set. As we visited colleges with him, it was determined God’s best for our son was a private college in Boston. We knew when we walked on the campus this was the place; however, our Florida Prepaid fund would barely make a dent in the tuition. We prayed and our answer from God was to go forward. Our yes to God came with a caveat: no debt for our son or us. Over the next four years, every time tuition was due, God provided. Our son graduated, and God provided every penny we needed, over and above the One Hundred Sixty-Thousand dollars in tuition. All our son’s expenses, including the car we bought for him, all been paid. ALL PAID! God is amazing in His supply! 

Abundance is not limited to our finances. Abundance is a way of life in the Kingdom of God. Throughout God’s Word, there are foundational principles in how we can experience abundance in all areas: family, finances, physical and emotional wholeness. (God’s Dream for Your Life, page 179)

Amazing — isn’t it?

It is when we learn how to partner with God, we can partner with God for our dreams and become positioned for the impossible every day! This seems like a dramatic statement; nevertheless, it is true.

What would you like for God to partner with you?

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