Building Community

Recently we moved from the suburbs to the city.  We sold our home of 19 years and moved closer to two of our children. I have found it to be a bigger contrast in lifestyle than I had expected.

Here are a few new things I am getting use to:

  • Everyone walks
  • If driving is needed – Uber is called
  • Parking App is required to cover any street parking when you do drive
  • One-way streets, which I have gone down the wrong way
  • Pedestrians suddenly stepping out into on-coming traffic
  • Pets have their own place in restaurants
  • Festivities take place throughout the city every weekend
  • Outdoors is where everyone gathers

The city life here is geared toward community, where kindness flows freely. I am not sure how to put words to what I have encountered, but let me give it a shot.

There is a vibrancy to the people here.

They greet you, open the door for you and go out of their way to be friendly.

It is not so much what they say, it is the fact they actually took the time to say something.

In my new city, I have noticed that people care about the health of the community. They recycle, pick up after themselves — you don’t see trash on the sides of the roads or in the parks. They are passionate about culture with multiple museums, venues for music and theater.

Before we moved in to our new house, our neighbor from across the street came over and introduced herself. She is a coach for a sports camp. She wanted us to know that we were in a quiet, safe neighborhood, with wonderful neighbors who look out for each other.

I feel our move is more of a coming back to a real sense of community. Where I lived before was more isolated, though I had neighbors all around. We were all so busy going somewhere, we forgot about the community to the right and to the left. Living here reminds me of when I was growing up. We knew all our neighbors. In fact, no door was locked. When people came to visit they would knock lightly, open and call out their name, and walked on in.

I remember reading an article several years ago, where people were moving back to the city. And I thought, why?

I believe it is not so much location, but about the environment some cities provide. I believe there is a trend across the country – and it is people searching for community. We are hungry for community, for conversation and to make an impact in our own backyard. And, like me, I didn’t even realize it until I became part of this thriving community.

Do you need to move into the city to find community?

Everyone moving to the city isn’t the solution to finding community. Community is found in our hearts toward others.

I read a phase the other day that sums up this thought of having a heart for community.

— Unselfishly seeking the best for others —

I believe the best way to build community is by participating. Here are a few tips to connect deeper in your community.

  • Sit on your front porch and engage with your neighbors
  • Get to know others by asking questions
  • Shop at locally owned businesses
  • Participate in the local activities
  • Volunteer at a community event
  • Go for a walk and speak to everyone you pass
  • Join a book club at your local library
  • Join an exercise group or cycling club, to meet new people with similar interest
  • Take a class (My daughter is taking a pottery class)
  • Get out of your routine and try something new

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Remember, you are the best investment you can make.


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