Do you have relationships that produce anxiety, stress — even anger inside of you? One of the key skills in choosing relationships that are good for you comes from developing a strong foundation within you. Building a strong foundation from within encompasses the ability to have safe boundaries. Learning to identify relationships that are mutually beneficial also comes from building a strong foundation.

Each person in your life carries different degrees of importance to you; from your spouse, children, close friends, co-workers, and bosses. And chances are you will have conflict with them at one time or another… but the secret is to have developed your relational skills, so you can deal with conflict in the right way.

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Marriage is forever — or is it?

Growing up I thought marriage was forever — until my parents divorced. It was then I decided never to get married and keep focused on my career. Sound familiar? Our culture is fickle about marriage, we want to be married, but we are not always emotionally up to it.

My husband and I have been married 37 years and we are more in love than ever! Over the years we have grown toward one focus —each other — even through the most difficult circumstances.

How is the oneness growing in your marriage?

Stepping in: Resolving Relational Conflict

Oh the joys of conflict — doesn’t it make you want to run in the opposite direction? The fundamental element in resolving conflict is willingness. Willingness to honor the other person(s). Willingness to listen. Willingness to be wrong. Willingness to compromise.

Next, is the ability to know how to process the different perspectives, including your own, and to determine the correct response. Getting to the core issues can be difficult and sometimes requires help.

How can I help you in resolving relational conflict?

Choosing to love through the most difficult times

Have you ever asked, “How can I continue to love when they continue to ___?”

Once we have experienced hurt, disappointment, and even tragedy, it can be difficult to maintain a heart of love toward the one who is attached to our pain.

Love is a choice. Learning to love through the difficulties can seem impossible.

How do we find the way, the strength, the forgiveness and keep our focus on love? The process can seem insurmountable — but it is possible. Let me help you.

Who do you need to choose to love?


I can help you understand your priorities. Together, we will sort through the details of your life and develop a plan and a timeline to meet your desired outcome. Our time together will strengthen you in understanding who you are, sharpen your skills in forging better relationships and deepen your existing ones.


There is an incredible benefit in bringing a group together with a common focus. The group dynamic releases learning from different perspectives and challenges. Three popular topics available are; Growing Your Marriage, Strengthening Your Inner Foundation and Conflict Resolution.

We specialize in customizing the content based on the need for your group. The option of interactive training is also available in addition to motivational conference speaking.


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