5779 – The Year of Unveiling 

Are you ready for the unveiling of things hidden?

The Lord has highlighted 9 areas that will be unveiled in this season.

We are entering into the Jewish New Year of 5779. It is the last year in  the decade of 70, which is Ayin meaning eye, seeing, perceiving, understanding and wisdom. (Not exhaustive)

Nine is the last and largest number of the single digits. Nine indicates finality, completion, womb, duality (good/evil), fruits of the Spirit, gifts of the Sprit, hour of prayer, and much more.

There are nine months to carry a baby to full term. Once those nine months are complete, the baby is revealed — It is time for our prophetic baby to be birthed!  

5779 we will see what once was concealed now revealed! 

“Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.” (Revelation 4:1, AMP)

Unveiling Revelation

The Lord says, “It is time to set your agenda aside and come to Me. You will receive more than you could ever ask for and I will move you into a position that you never knew was possible.” 

3-Step Process in Positioning for Revelation 

1) Schedule consistent time to spend with the Lord, as you would any appointment

2) Set aside your normal agenda and allow Holy Spirit to guide you

3) Steward well the revelation and instructions you receive through intercession, discernment, and declaration

God’s invitation has been extended to all who desire to come and receive revelation. The revelation we receive is to be birthed this season. God is looking for declaration of these revelations to ignite the sparks for His upcoming move.

Stepping Through the Threshold Will Reveal Your Next Step

I was in the Spirit and I saw a white doorframe with a white door, wide open. Jesus was holding the knob of the door.  Beyond the opening were layers of white, almost like billowy clouds. In my spirit, I sensed an invitation to step through the door. As I stepped through and stood for a moment, suddenly, the clouds parted in front of me and I could see clearly.

The Lord is saying, “It is time to step all the way over the threshold to receive clarity.” 

We will not be able to fully see if we are straddling the doorway. We have to be fully committed and step over.  As we do, we will see the revealing of our next steps.

Season of Greater Anointing

The Lord says, “It is the season for a greater anointing to be released over My people.” 

Just as Gideon originally believed he was the weakest and the least, and then came to know the truth that he was indeed a mighty man of valor. We, also, will come to understand our true identity in the Lord.

Once the truth of his identity was established, Gideon was given an assignment from God with a greater anointing that fit his true identity. (Judges 6:12-15)

The Lord is calling you to stepinto your identity, so the greater anointing can come upon you. Like Gideon, when he stepped into his identity, the Holy Spirit will come upon you in greater power. (Judges 6:34)

As you step into your identity — you will step into the greater anointing with greater power.

Awakening of the Generations

“I am awakening this generation,”says the Lord. “Now is the time — they will be awakened from their slumber.” 

God is awakening the Body of Christ and the unbelievers. This time of awakening encompasses all the ages, both young and old. We will see the young and old come with desperation to know Jesus, and their hunger will ignite wild fire in others.

In the Old Testament Israel moved with one purpose, while being identified by the anointing in each tribe, not by their ages. It is time for us to be identified by our anointing, not by cultural labels such as Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, etc. Being known by our anointing will unite us.  Being labeled with the truth not only unites us, it releases strength beyond our expectation.

God is calling us to arise, as the called generation, and take our positions operating in our anointing to move His Kingdom forward.

Unveiling of the Enemy’s Plans

The Lord says, “We are stepping into a season where the enemy’s assignment against us is no longer hidden — it will be exposed.” 

The Lord is revealing the identity and the strategy of the strongmen and its minions who are operating against us. The Lord wants us to go straight to Him in order to eradicate the whole army, cancelling every assignment and strategic assault against us.

The Lord has a unique strategy for us to deploy against the enemy’s assault, as He did when the Philistines came against King David. Each time David inquired of the Lord for His plan, the enemy was defeated! (2 Samuel 5)

We can do this by discerning the unique strategies the Lord has for us to come against the enemy’s assault.

We will not be able to rely on what worked last time — we will need to rely on what God’s plan is foreach time! 

Creating Wealth

God has given us the ability to create wealth and the key word for this season is “create”.  An increase of wealth will come through a release of creative ideas for businesses, inventions and philanthropic endeavors that will partner with Him in expanding of the Kingdom. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

God has given Kingdom minded people the anointing that draws others. There will be a multitude of people who are seeking a place to invest in for the greatest impact. (1 Kings 10:23-24)

The people from the world will come to invest in the creative wealth-building being released by Kingdom people. 

Traveling in the Spirit

I was traveling in Spirit with Jesus and He said to me, “You will go places in the Spirit that you will never go in the natural.”

To cover more ground, Jesus is preparing us to travel in the Spirit to places that need a specific deposit from God.

Over the last 6 months Jesus has taken me in the Spirit to many cities in America and several countries around the world. In some of the places He has shown me what He is doing and in other places He has had me release a prophetic awakening.

It is time to pack our spiritual suitcases and be ready to go at a moment’snotice. 

Season of Miracles

We are stepping into an increase of miracles like we have never seen before. Not only will there be an exponential increase of the miraculous, but our eyes will be opened to see into the miracle realm. We will be able to pull down unusual miracles as well as miracles never seen before.

These miracles will catch the attention of the media and

God will use these miracle as part of the strategy for the Harvest. As people encounter the miraculous, the miraculous will dramatically change their lives.

The author of the dramatic life change will be revealed to be Jesus, through the movement of the miraculous. The lie of the enemy will be uncovered with the revealing of Jesus as Savior.

The An-Cer for Cancer

I was in the Spirit with Jesus standing in front of a white board that had the word CANCER written on it. With the eraser, He erased the C.

Jesus said to me, “You have the ANCER (answer) to cancer.”

The Lord showed me there would be a discovery to cure cancer this Fall. There will be a base formula and it will be used as the foundation. There will be other ingredients added to the base formula determined on the type of cancer being treated.

Take Action Now and Step through the Doorway

5779 is a season of action! When the things that have been concealed are revealed to you, you will have to take action to keep the momentum moving forward.

Right now, let’s step into the season together.

Stand up and prophetically step over your threshold into this new season and declare.

  • I am prophetically stepping into my season of revelation
  • I step into a new understanding of my identity as mighty and strong
  • I step into God’s commissioning
  • I step into my position united with this generation
  • I step into my ability to be a creator of wealth
  • I step into the realm of spiritual travel – my spiritual bags are packed
  • I step into the anointing to release miracles
  • I step into the truth we have the “ancer” to cancer

You are Positioned, Commissioned and Empowered!

Abundant Blessings,

Cindy Stewart



Cindy has a passion for people and helping them connect to their life purpose, discover their passions and live their dreams. Her latest book God’s Dream for Your Life brings clarity to your purpose while unlocking vision of what is possible in the natural and the supernatural. Ordained by MorningStar Ministries she is also a course facilitator for Patricia King Institute. She is an Itinerant Speaker, and Executive Coach and hosts a weekly podcast, “Unleashing the Champion Within.” You can find her blog here at www.cindy-stewart.com. Along with her husband, Chuck, they lead The Gathering Worship Center in Tarpon Springs, FL.




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