Bringing Your Dreams to Reality

One of the questions I am asked frequently is:

How do I bring my dream to reality?

Today I am sharing my interview with Katie who did just that — She turned her dream into reality! (You can listen to the interview on iTunes, Unleashing the Champion within Episode 4.)

At 29 years old, Katie is a successful entrepreneur who has exponentially grown her business, and is planning for an expansion. Katie will share how her business grew 150% in profitability, while maintaining a 98% client retention.

Katie will be sharing her expertise on setting prices and how outsourcing has grown her business. In closing, Katie will give us her 5 Tips to go from Dreaming to Launching your Business. 

By the way, Katie is my daughter, so I get to brag a little bit too.

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Do you know dreaming is important to your success?

I am not talking about the dreams you have at night
I am talking about the dreams you have for your life!

Dreams are seeds of possibility planted in your soul, calling you to pursue a unique path to the realization of your purpose.  John Maxwell 

Dreams are seeds for the future and when you dream — it prepares you for amazing opportunities in your future. Are you living the life you dream about?

Dreaming is part of the process to Unleash the Champion within you!

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Identity Uncovered

Identity Uncovered!

Today we are going to explore the who we were born to be that drives us to live a Champion’s Life!

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Let’s step into a Champion mindset by talking about the first characteristic of a champion.

A Champion is someone who is strong in his or her identity. 

What is your identity?

Merriam-Webster defines identity as the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. In short, identity is the culmination of all attributes of our character, our personality and our genetic traits.

Our identity is who we are.

For so many years my identity was absorbed in what I did. It started when I was a young girl with pleasing my dad. My dad’s desire for me to be a successful businessperson became my focus, as I was afraid to disappoint him. And in my success it became my identity.  It was the only path I thought was available. I found myself making career choices based on one criterion: My Dad’s dream for me.

I never knew what I was passionate about or even interested in. There was never a time to discover or explore, because I was focused on my career.


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Welcome to Unleashing the Champion Within.

One of the ways to live like a Champion every day is to be strong in your IDENTITY!

Why is your identity so important?

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