Turn on the Light!

Today I want to share something that happened to me that was ridiculous! It was definitely my fault, but I realized the incident carried a good message for all of us.

Weather temperatures are relative to what you have become accustomed. Living in Florida I am accustomed to warm temperatures year-round. However, lately it has been windy, rainy and cold all day. Sunday was particularly cold but we went to church that morning and another church meeting that evening.

We finally arrived home around 9 P.M. and I was freezing and decided to put on my pj’s and unwind a little. Well, my unwinding ended with falling asleep on the couch. I didn’t realize how deep I was sleeping until I headed to bed.

I entered into the bedroom with my eyes closed and didn’t bother to turn on the lights. I decided to head into the bathroom before falling into bed.

Next thing I know —- BAM! I ran right into the bi-fold closet door that my husband had left open. My little toe bent sideways and immediately I said to my foot, “Don’t even think about being broken!”

And here is the RIDICULOUS part — for a brief moment I was mad! I thought — Why didn’t he close his closet door?

Then this quiet voice whispered to me —

Why didn’t you turn on the light?

I laughed out loud — of course, I could have turned on the light.

I was telling my girlfriend about my little accident and she said there is a prophetic word in this for all of us. And there is — and it begins with a question:

Why do we find ourselves walking in darkness when we have the power to turn on the light?     

And take note, for some of us the reason is we do not recognize the darkness around us.

Here are 4 Reasons I have found for walking in darkness.

#1: Familiar Territory

When we walk through familiar territory we can let down our guard, because we don’t expect anything to be different.

This sounds so elementary, but this principle is important. When we presume that everything will be the same, we are not prepared for the unexpected.

Think about my little incident. I have lived in my house for 18 years. Walking through my bedroom is so familiar I didn’t think I needed the light on. But what I didn’t plan for was an open door.

Our ability to be prepared for the unexpected is to not assume, as I did, that we can walk through the familiar with our eyes closed. We have to anticipate what is coming by keeping our eyes open and shining a light on our path.

#2 Blame Shifting

Do you ever assume it is someone else’s fault? Many times, we are looking at the wrong person when it comes to our struggles. When we should be looking in the mirror. Our lack of recognizing our part and responsibility, actually keeps us walking in darkness.

In that brief moment, it was easier to blame my husband for the door being open than taking responsibility for not turning on the light!

#3 Influence of Others

“Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals” (1 Corinthians 15:33 AMP).

This is a simple word with a profound impact.

Morals are a standard of beliefs followed by the accompanying behavior. The question we ask ourselves is, How should I respond when faced with these types of situations?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a group of people where the discussion turns crude or highly critical of others. Two things happen to us, we begin to feel uneasy and we can be influenced by the conversation. This is when we need to dig deep and find that place to turn on the light.

How do we turn on the light?

We do so by redirecting the conversation, turning it away from darkness and by injecting a standard of belief that will produce light. And if that does not work then we can choose to walk away.

#4 Condition of Our Heart

I am closing with the condition of our hearts because darkness can hide within our heart. And many times, we do not recognize it.

Our hearts carry a lifetime of experiences. Some of the experiences can leave a deposit of darkness such as disappointment, rejection, and fear, which cause our perception to be distorted instead of seeing truth.

How do we get rid of the darkness?

When I began writing this blog, I wanted to give you the 4-step process to Turning on the Light in your life to get rid of the darkness. But as I close, I would be remiss if I did not address the real, true light, Jesus. He is the only one who can illuminate the areas around us and in us.

Personally, I found so much freedom by the Light being turned on — Jesus in my life. However, not everything was removed instantaneously. The more I grew in relationship with Jesus the more freedom I received. I also found I needed a little counseling and healing prayer to help rid me of the darkness.

You can ask Jesus at any time to shine His light on the dark places within you. And to shine His light of protection on areas of darkness where you go.

If you have made the discovery of Light I would love to hear from you.

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