Turn on the Light!

Episode 76

Today I want to share something that happened to me that was ridiculous! It was definitely my fault, but I realized the incident carried a good message for all of us.

Weather temperatures are relative to what you have become accustomed. Living in Florida I am accustomed to warm temperatures year-round. However, lately it has been windy, rainy and cold all day. Sunday was particularly cold but we went to church that morning and another church meeting that evening.

We finally arrived home around 9 P.M. and I was freezing and decided to put on my pj’s and unwind a little. Well, my unwinding ended with falling asleep on the couch. I didn’t realize how deep I was sleeping until I headed to bed.

I entered into the bedroom with my eyes closed and didn’t bother to turn on the lights. I decided to head into the bathroom before falling into bed.

Next thing I know —- BAM! I ran right into the bi-fold closet door that my husband had left open. My little toe bent sideways and immediately I said to my foot, “Don’t even think about being broken!”

And here is the RIDICULOUS part — for a brief moment I was mad! I thought — Why didn’t he close his closet door?

Then this quiet voice whispered to me —

Why didn’t you turn on the light?

I laughed out loud — of course, I could have turned on the light.

I was telling my girlfriend about my little accident and she said there is a prophetic word in this for all of us. And there is — and it begins with a question:

Why do we find ourselves walking in darkness when we have the power to turn on the light?     

And take note, for some of us the reason is we do not recognize the darkness around us.

Here are 4 Reasons I have found for walking in darkness.