Two Types of Transition

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Are you in a transition in your personal life, career, or relationship?

Well, if you answered YES, which type of transition are you in? 

There are two types of transition.
One moves you from place to place.
The other moves you from one place to the next, but brings transformation with the transition. 

Let’s begin with the basic understanding of transition and transformation. Both words indicate change is on the rise. 

The significant difference between the words is — 

Transition happens to you – takes you from place to place
Transformation happens through you – leaving you changed. 

Let me explain. Transition means change, and takes you from one life occurrence to the next. Although transformation also has the meaning of change, it is a different change than transition. The word, transformation, is derived from metamorphosis – change. It is more than just changing from one occurrence to the other; Transformation is the internal change, growing us into something greater.

You can transition without transformation. However, you cannot have a transformation without transition. So, we can transition all day long with no metamorphosis within us.  

I believe understanding the transition for the purpose of transformation is significant for this time. God invites us each day to choose His way of life. When we transition, transformation happens, because we have transitioned ourselves into His plan. 

In the foundations of Christianity when we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are transitioned from being lost to found. And through this Born-Again moment, we are then transformed when the Holy Spirit comes to live in us. 

Sometimes you are not even aware that you are no longer in transformation. This can happen when life changes take you into survival mode instead of transformation. When you enter into survival mode you are just trying to make it from place to place instead of allowing God to direct each step you are taking. And what happens is transformation is stopped. 

How do we stop the transformation? 

When we decide to live outside of God’s direction and counsel. We end up with our lives being a series of transitions —Transition without transformation.

I’ll give you a quick example from the Word of God from 1 Samuel, chapters 9 to 13. 

Saul was a young man who was chosen by God to be King of Israel. The prophet Samuel was sent to anoint Saul as King. In obedience, Samuel took the oil, poured it over Saul and anointed him King. This was a transition which brought transformation in Saul by the Spirit of God coming upon Saul. Saul was transformed!

However, Saul was unable to maintain the pattern of allowing each transition to bring him transformation. Without transformation he slowly began to turn away from God and not follow the path that God has set before him. So, instead of embracing the opportunities to be transformed, Saul chooses only to transition from one occurrence to the another. 

The real questions for you today is —

Am I just moving from place to place?
Am I following God and being transformed as I move?

If you feel like you are stuck and not going from one transition to the next with transformation, you can choose to include transformation. 

You have the power to change your direction. The way to do this is to ask God to clear the path for you to see your next step. The most important part is to follow Him as He guides you. 

God has designed YOU to go through a never-ending transition with Him through transformation. And He will guide you each step of the way! 

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