Stepping into Your Destiny

One love, one heart, one destiny. 
Bob Marley

While in the early development of my website, I wrote a quiz to help you identify where you are in living a champion’s life. It is important for you to recognize where you are in your journey so you can take the next path of growth. If you have not taken the quiz you can now. Click here to take the Quiz.

Champion is someone strong in his or her identity. Understanding your identity is key to you finding your purpose and living out your passion.

Merriam-Webster defines identity as the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. In short, identity is the culmination of all attributes of our character, our personality and our genetic traits.

Our identity is who we are.

When we think about our identity, so many times we relate it to what we do —- lawyer, mother, carpenter.

We each have uniqueness about us that forms our identity – and no one is like us. No One!

How well you understand your identity, reflects in your day to day success, it reflects in your relationships and the plans for the future you have made and the actions you are taking toward the future.

Your purpose is linked to your identity. How can you know where you are going, if you don’t know who you are?

(Read my blog: Identity Uncovered)

I believe your identity is linked in knowing God. I don’t know where you are in your spiritual journey — but mine has been a real awakening in understanding who I am and why I am in this world.

As a child I was brought up to know Jesus, but like many others — I was not fully committed to this life. In looking back, it was because I didn’t really know how to engage with God.

Over 20 years ago my mom who had lived with us passed away. That is when my searching for answers grew in intensity. As a family we were already attending church, so what else did I need to do?

I told God I just needed to know if you are real or not.

I began reading all kinds of books, including the Bible, searching for answers. I don’t know how else to describe it, but — God showed up.

The more I connected with God, the greater understanding I gained about who I am and what is my destiny.  That is the very short version of a long journey to where I am today.

At some point in life, each of us goes on a spiritual journey to discover who we are and what we believe.

On my website, I have two books — Believing God and Believing His Word and 7 VisionsBoth were written as a product of my spiritual journey.

Believing God began as I tried to understand the Bible, my relationship with God and how that really works in every day life.

7 Visions is about a series of encounters I had with God. He was showing me things in Heaven and how they apply to us. The writing of these books helped shape who I am and what I am to do.

Part of the journey in your life is to discover your identity. In discovering, you learn to live and operate from whom you are no matter where you go or what you do. Living out of our identity enables us to seize the opportunities, which pop up right in front of us.

What do you love?

One of the ways you begin to identify your destiny is by asking yourself —- What do I love?

What gets me so excited that when I am near it — I have to jump in?  What are the things that burn inside of me — what do I think about day and night?

I just returned from speaking at a leadership conference in Zambia. There were leaders from all areas, government, business and ministry.

I met a businessman who owned several Resort/Conference Centers. His passion was to be a successful businessman — but there was something else he was destined to do in his success.

He is married with four children, and adopted four more.

And this is what he loves —

He loves to hire women with children whose husbands have abandoned them.
He gives them jobs and housing, if needed.
He gives them a family, helping the children to grow up strong in their identities and discover their destiny.

This business owner, land developer and family man — has created an avenue for success. Because this is what he loves — growing, developing and investing in businesses and in people.

What he loved — made room for him to succeed and be fulfilled.

Walking in Your Destiny

Let’s talk for a minute about walking in your destiny.  Sometimes we are walking in our destiny and we do not recognize it.

Have you ever heard about the 7 Mountains?

7 mountains are the seven domains that shape the minds of nations. They are the ultimate powers that mold the culture. (If you want more information on 7 Mountains, go to

The 7 Mountains are:


Everyone has influence in at least one of these mountains. And you do not have to be at the top of the mountain to have influence and shape culture.

Let’s use for example the Government Mountain:

You have influence in this mountain as a citizen.
You have the ability to vote for leaders from the President down to your local council.
Your vote can pass or defeat laws.
You have the ability to run for office or work for a government agency.

The point being, your destiny may not be working in the government arena, but you still have influence in molding our culture by the destiny built inside of you.

Doing what you love, what you are passionate about — Social Justice, to Business Development that is what shapes culture. Your destiny shapes the culture.

Like my friend from Zambia — His destiny will influence the Business and Family Mountain by what he loves, what is destined inside of him. He is a builder of businesses and a builder of people.

Which mountains are your main mountains you are influencing because of your destiny?

I work in several mountains; the Business Mountain with my consulting and coaching business.
The Religion/Faith Mountain, as my husband and I pastor a church.
The Family Mountain with my work with marriages.
The Education Mountain as we have planted two schools for adults to finish their degrees.
And I also have Influence in the Government Mountain as I serve an organization called City Plan.  As a board member I influence the Government Mountain. I am invited because my destiny is connecting organizations and people connect to their best.

The interesting part is I have discovered my niche, which is working with leaders. These are the people I gravitate towards and gravitate towards me — those with a leadership calling. And this love of mine of connecting people to their best, has opened doors of opportunity to influence the other mountains as well.

Think about it in these terms; what is the ONE THING you consistently think about and operates in your every day?

Think about your job —
Think about your extracurricular activity —
Think about your future and your dreams —

Write down what you come up with to help you recognize and step into your destiny.

These are my 4 Disciplines of finding your destiny.

First — Do everything with excellence, whether you like it or not

  • At your jobs — be excellent.
  • In your homes – be excellent.
    • Making your family your first priority.

Second — Practice what you love

I heard one of the players in the US Open – say, “I play every match as if it is the final.”

  • Schedule in time to practice what you are passion about.

I am passionate about speaking and writing, and I squeeze time in most days to practice.

Third – Keep moving forward

  • Don’t let impatience for results paralyze you.
  • Try new things in the realm of your destiny.
  • Take risk for breaking through to the next level.

Fourth – Celebrate as you go

  • Acknowledge your accomplishments.
  • Be grateful daily.

Each one of us wants a life that we enjoy. We want to be satisfied and fulfilled by the choices we make and the things we love to do. We want to live with hope and expectation.

And you can do that by discovering what you love. Next, find opportunities to live out of your passion.

If you need some help processing through any of these elements, I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.  Fill out the Connection Form and we will begin the conversation. I look forward to supporting you in your journey to connecting you to your best!

Remember, you are the best investment you can make!