Ride the Wave

Episode 87

God is doing amazing things in this season. I want to share with you what I am seeing and how you can Ride the Wave of God’s movement.

First, let me explain what Riding the Wave means. Riding the Wave means a group of people are sharing an advantage, success, breakthrough, etc., at the same time.

The group of people who are sharing the benefit in this season are God’s people. Those who have said, ‘yes’ to the voice of Jesus calling them into relationship with Him.

Once you hear and are made aware of the move of God, you are able to identify the opportunities and join in or Ride the Wave. Let me share with you some testimonies of what God is doing.

1) Positioning for Influence
2) Supernatural Supply
3) Imparting and Releasing

When you are riding a wave on a surfboard strength is needed.  As the wave height, speed and depth changes, you need to be ready to shift your position in order to stay on the board and ride the wave until the end.

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