My Mom’s Life Lessons

What’s time to a hog?

My mom was beautiful, creative and she was witty, charming and smart. She was known for her quirky little sayings, like What’s Time to a Hog?, More to be Pitied than Censored, Dime to a Donut, and my favorite Beauty must Suffer. 

Her focus was to always finding the best in every situation. I never remember her complaining or worrying. For example, when we were running short on groceries, she would whip up something incredible for dinner — which usually included eggs — as she would say, if you have eggs you have dinner. 

There are many things I learned from my mom. 

Today I want to share the Top 5 that stand out for me. 

#1 Think Outside the Box

My mom was a problem solver. She taught me how to think out of the box, because there was always a solution. Like when our dryer was broken, she hung our socks on the oven rack to dry, while our cheese toast cooked for breakfast. Nothing was unsolvable! 

#2 Teamwork is a Must!

I learned team work from my mom. There were five of us kids, and it took all of us pitching in to get everything done. We had a chore chart hanging inside my parent’s clothes closet. Each of us had to rotate chores, including waking up at 6 a.m. to fix breakfast for the family during the week. If someone was behind with their chores, we were taught to pitch in and help. 

#3 The Art of Great Cooking

My mom didn’t measure anything — it was always a pinch of this and a pinch of that. We learned to determine what ingredient we needed to add by taste, smell and texture. It was a fun way to cook, and even today with a recipe I find myself wanting to add a little pinch of something else. 

#4 Wisdom and Counsel 

I have learned to hear the heart of a person from my mom. People would come from all over to gain wisdom and direction from her. She would listen intently, encourage them and offer them wise counsel and most importantly, hope. 

#5 Remember, they are people too. 

The greatest lesson I learned from my mom was while she lived with us. She would be watching my children, while I would be busy with laundry or cooking. I would hear her remind them how each one was special. And how important it was to treat each other with love and kindness. She was so honoring of their thoughts and opinions. It really helped in my own parenting style, and in appreciating my other relationships. 

My mom passed away at the age of 59 from lung disease. She was vibrant until the end. She taught nothing was impossible, just believe it is possible. 

Did you learn something from your mom that was pivotal in your life?

I would love to hear from you. 

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