Making Room For Your Dream

Episode 27

Do One Thing Everyday that Scares YOU!
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

What if you could schedule a little time each day to work on your dream?

For me, the first step began with tracking my time. My Blog last week includes a Time Management Log, with instructions on how to find extra time in your day. (Read at

Today we are talking about the next step — making a daily schedule to incorporate your dreams. I have designed a Live Your Dream Schedule (LYDS), which was first introduced in my Live Your Dream Class.

“Always, Always have a plan!” Rick Riordan

Before we begin planning, I want to share a few misperceptions about planning.

1) Planning is time consuming.

Yes, the initial blueprint takes time to develop. However, once you have built the blueprint it only takes time to fill in the blanks.

2) Planning kills creativity.

Actually the opposite is true. When you plan you can provide for the time needed to be creative.

3) Planning stagnates progress.

Did you know planning actually accelerates your process? Writing your plan down increases the chances of completing your plan by 80%.

So, let’s start the planning process.