Identity Uncovered

Identity Uncovered!

Today we are going to explore the who we were born to be that drives us to live a Champion’s Life!

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Let’s step into a Champion mindset by talking about the first characteristic of a champion.

A Champion is someone who is strong in his or her identity. 

What is your identity?

Merriam-Webster defines identity as the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. In short, identity is the culmination of all attributes of our character, our personality and our genetic traits.

Our identity is who we are.

For so many years my identity was absorbed in what I did. It started when I was a young girl with pleasing my dad. My dad’s desire for me to be a successful businessperson became my focus, as I was afraid to disappoint him. And in my success it became my identity.  It was the only path I thought was available. I found myself making career choices based on one criterion: My Dad’s dream for me.

I never knew what I was passionate about or even interested in. There was never a time to discover or explore, because I was focused on my career.

I didn’t think what I loved carried valued. The only thing I believed to be significant was what I did, what I produced — paychecks and promotions!

My identity was based on performance; what I did!

Here is a particular story that really drives this point, identity unknown, home.

When I was about 18 years old, I had a pretty bad breakup with my boyfriend. Because of the hurt I decided I wasn’t going to get married or have children. l would focus solely on my career! And I did. I worked, went to school, and on Friday nights dancing with my office friends.

The significant lesson in my story is my vow to never get married or have children did not come from a place of rational thought. My vow came from a place of fear of being hurt.

So early in my life I made two decisions out of fear:

The first one was the fear of disappointing my dad — so I followed his career path for me.

The second was the fear of getting hurt — so I vowed not to get married.

Have you made decisions based on your fears instead of your passions?

Some times we get caught up in the WHAT we do and we forget about WHO we are created to be. I believe understanding who we are created to be is a life long journey of discovery.

Are you living the Who you were created to be?

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Go out this week and Unleash your Identity as a Champion!

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