Get Unstuck

Are you stuck? 

As we work toward our goals, sometimes we get stuck. We are not sure what to do next. So, today we are going to talk about how to get unstuck. 

I know I have been in that situation many times. I would reach a certain point of completion and then I could not quite figure out what is next. Even with this week’s episode, I was stuck. I knew what I wanted to write on, but I couldn’t get it to flow.

I want to share with you how to get unstuck. Here are four steps that will help you get unstuck. These four quick steps have worked well for me over the years. 

The key is when you don’t know what to do you go back to what you do know. 

You do this by remembering what you were taught, what you have heard, what you have seen, and where you have had success. 

Let’s go through these 4 keys together. I will share some great examples, which you can apply to your situation and get unstuck. 

1) What You have been Taught

I shared my struggle in writing this episode. For three days I have been trying to get the words out of my head on paper. Part of the challenge is my schedule has been full and I have been focused on getting the urgent done. So, when I would sit to write, other things would pop into my head. 

One of things I was taught when I took a writing class was to build a frame for my content. The frame contains everything I want in the content. 

First, I began with the closing, which is always the same. I copied and pasted it from the last episode. Next, I began to list the four things I wanted to write about. From there, I picked one — what I have been taught – and started the process. That was when the content began to flow. 

When you get stuck, go back to basics. Review the things you have been taught. It will be the restart you need to get unstuck. 

2) What You have Heard

I want to use a great example from a story in The Bible. In 2 Kings 4:8-24, a woman and her husband provided a room for Elisha to stay. For her generosity, Elisha released the power of God to open her womb so they could have a child. 

Their child grew to be a young man and suddenly died. The woman came to Elisha and would not let him go away from her until Elisha came to attend to her son. 

Elisha does what he had heard from his mentor, Elijah, who had gone through a similar situation. (1 Kings 17:17-24) Elisha does what Elijah did even though Elijah was no longer present. Elisha lies on the dead boy’s body twice, and the boy comes back to life. 

Hearing the processes that led others to success helps us to get unstuck. When we listen to the process someone else has gone through it helps to encourage us and give us tips of what we can apply to our own process. 

3) What You have Seen

Think about how you learned to do things as a kid — you imitated what you saw. From a Figure-8 on your skates, to wheelies on your bike, putting on make-up or shaving, you learned by watching others.

A great example of this is when I wanted to learn how to heal like Jesus. So, I went to classes at Christian Healing Ministries. Teaching was only part of their training, the other part was demonstrating how to release healing and then acting on what we were taught. I learned by seeing and applying what I learned. 

When you review and use what you have seen, it reinforces what you already know. It helps you to remember what you have already conquered.

4) Where You have had Success

I mentioned earlier that my schedule has been full. When I returned from a recent trip, I was challenged in keeping up with the work load. I was reacting to the demands instead of anticipating them and planning for them — I allowed myself to get stuck in a new cycle. 

One morning I took the time to go back to where I have had success in keeping my life, work and home, balanced. I took out my planner, which I had not used in a few weeks, and began to plan out each day for the next couple of weeks. It really enabled me to sort though my schedule, then I could prepare for what needed to be done and make room for the things I want to do. It actually revealed more available time. I felt such confidence knowing I have more than enough time to do what I need to do. 

When you remember the successes you had in the same area where you are now stuck it activates the same sensory feelings at the time of your success. You can recount what you did to prepare and experience the same feeling of success instead of the feeling of defeat of being stuck. Then you can go through the process of what has worked to bring you the success in getting you unstuck. 

l would love to hear from you. Tell me about where you have been stuck and what you have done to get unstuck! 

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