Envisioning Your Future

I remember when I was kid, I dreamed of being a superhero! I would lay in the driveway in front of my house and daydream about what kind of superhero I would be. I would see myself flying in the air in my cute superhero outfit, rescuing and protecting others. 

In many instances, the way we think things are going to look evolves as we grow up. Of course, what I envisioned for the future has changed dramatically from what I thought it would look like as a child.  However, the passion to help others has not changed, it just looks different. 

Envisioning your future…why is it important? 

“The word envision comes from the Latin en-, which means “cause to be,” and vision, meaning “a thing seen.” The verb envision means to imagine or picture.”

This process of envisioning has the foundation in Scripture, as well as scientific proof. Proverbs 23:7 says, 

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he”

The heart is the seat of our soul, which contains our mind, emotions, and our ability to birth the vision for the future.  

In Dr. Carolyn Leaf’s book, Switch on Your Brain, she explains the science of this. “Nothing happens before you first build a thought… The thought produces words, actions, behaviors… This is the incredible power God has given us: to be able to think and choose and create reality.”

This is why we are to envision our future. God has given us the ability to capture a thought and bring it into reality.

How do you begin?

In my book, God’s Dream for Your Life, I help you to start the process of dreaming/envisioning your future. Here is an excerpt of one of the ways to begin. You can also download my free Dream Worksheet.

“Have you ever thought about partnering with God for your dreams? What a thrill it would be to join forces with God to make your dreams come true? God is a dream giver and He is a dream fulfiller. Our dreams come alive as we spend time with the Lord. He unfolds things we think are impossible and they suddenly become possible!”

Here is another way you can begin envisioning for your future by using a vision board. 

Vision Board:

A vision board is a place where you take your thoughts and attach images and words to them. I agree with Neil Farber, M.D., Ph.D., who stated in his article on psychologytoday.com, “Vision boards are for dreaming, action boards are for achieving.” Vision boards help you to see where you are going so you are able to make your plan of action. 

You can make your vision board with Poster board, Pinterest, Journal, Word Document, Scrapbooking, Index Cards or whatever creative way you can imagine. 

The goal is to look through images and words to capture the ones that stand out to you. You can cut them from physical magazines or find free magazines, articles or images online, such as those found in unsplash.com. Once you have finished it arrange them on your desired background. 

Recently, I finished mine and to my surprise, my images had lots of travel with words and images dealing with coaching and consulting, including writing a workbook! 

Have fun with the process of envisioning your future! 

I would love to hear how you have seen your visions come into reality! And what you are envisioning now! 

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