Do you know dreaming is important to your success?

I am not talking about the dreams you have at night
I am talking about the dreams you have for your life!

Dreams are seeds of possibility planted in your soul, calling you to pursue a unique path to the realization of your purpose.  John Maxwell 

Dreams are seeds for the future and when you dream — it prepares you for amazing opportunities in your future. Are you living the life you dream about?

Dreaming is part of the process to Unleash the Champion within you!

I shared a little in our last episode about how I had to learn to dream for myself. You can listen to Episode 2 on iTunes, which talks about our identity and longings. I know I had to learn how to think bigger than my upbringing and my training allowed and RISK GIANT SIZE DREAMING.

Do you dream?

Your thought life is the foundation for DREAMING!

In his book, Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life, Andy Mason writes, “Dreams are hope carriers and are not bound by time or present circumstances.”

My husband would always say, Cindy, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.


I had to learn to dream.

So — how do you learn to dream?

I started with a piece of paper and a pencil.

I began writing down everything that came to mind — no matter how outrageous, silly or even daring the dreams seemed.

It took a little time to overcome my hesitation of even thinking in a way that was bigger than my current life. And it took years before my dreams really scared me and excited me at the same time!

If your dream isn’t big enough to scare you, it isn’t big enough. Kenneth Hagin 

By the way — I have a dream worksheet ready for you to download at the end of the Blog Post!

I started by using the outline from Andy Mason’s book – Dream Culture. 

Here are a few of the categories he listed:

Big Dreams
Fun Dreams
Things to be
Things to do
Things to have
Spiritual Dreams
Financial Dreams
Legacy Dreams


Now here is a sampling of a few things I dreamed.

Big Dreams 

  • I dream of having an Impact on the city I live in.
  • I dream of a Transformation City – with a goal of developing a model for other cities to transform     their cities.
  • My other crazy dream is I want to have a plane.

Things to do

  • Receive an Honorary Doctorate.

Things to Have

  • Family and friends surrounding me; books that I have written that will live for generations to come, and have a life altering impact on others.
  • Have at least 1 New York times bestseller.
  • Spend a month in different countries getting to know their culture and people, understanding their hearts.

Spiritual Dreams 

  • Be known by God, and to know Him deeply.

Financial Dreams

  • Become debt free and beyond.
  • Have millions of dollars passing through our hands enabling ministries, starting up businesses, providing education, housing for young families and single moms.

Legacy Dreams

  • Our family now and generations to come will be dreamers and culture changers, going further   with each generation.
  • All sickness and generational damages are gone in our family.

Many of your dreams will surprise you in how they come to be, so be prepared to be totally surprised.  One dream that surprised me in how it came to be was my dream to receive an honorary doctorate.  As it turned out, an opportunity came to go back to college and I earned a Doctorate in 2015 — Just call me Dr. Cindy!

As my dreams begin to become a reality, I go back and expand my vision — dream a little bigger — so I can get my heart seeded for the outcome.

The real secret to dreaming is getting the seed (the dream) planted in your heart. This way as it comes to life you can recognize and grab hold of it.

Here is a great example.

Right before my daughter Katie was getting married she found a list she had made several years prior regarding the kind of man she wanted to marry. When she re-read it, she discovered her soon to be husband perfectly fit the description on her list.

She had seeded her dream man in her heart, in her mind – into her very being.  Because he was already in her mind, her heart when she met him she didn’t have to get her list out to check it. She was able to recognize him, and her spirit had a resounding YES!!!

Let’s get started dreaming!

Whether you are new at dreaming or have pages of dreams, there is a process to seeing your dream become a reality.

Are you ready to start the process of seeding your heart with dreams?

Get a dream journal and let’s begin the process.

Dreams are inside you waiting to be activated. It is time to seed your heart — and set your course toward achieving your dreams!

A Champion’s life is filled with dreams realized and dreams to come. You are the only one who can keep your dream alive.

Are you excited? Then let’s get started!

I have a dream worksheet you can download