Many years ago, I came across this Scripture in Job 22:28, “You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you;
And the light [of God’s favor] will shine upon your ways.” 

Since that time, I love declaring the Word of God. 

For when we declare the Word, several things happen. 

1. When the Word of God is declared it requires a response, an answer. Isaiah 55:11 AMP says that when the Word of God is released, it accomplishes what was intended from the Word — 

“It will not return to Me void (useless, without result) without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”

2. The Word we declare becomes fixed in our life. It is established for us to live from. 

3. The declared Word becomes our Light — Jesus! Jesus is the Word and Jesus is the Light of the World. 

4. The declared Word becomes the path that opens the doors for you to step into and closes doors that are not for you. The Word brings clarity, discernment, and power as it responds to your declaration! 

Why do I share this with you? Because I want the power of declaring the WORD to be in your hands. Here is how to do it.

Each morning I read a verse, meditate on it and declare it out loud. 

Today the verse is Ephesians 3:20:

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.”

Next, I wait for God to speak to me about the verse. 

Sometimes, I hear from the Father, sometimes Jesus, and sometimes Holy Spirit. I never know until I close my eyes and then suddenly, I see a vision, hear a voice or have a feeling about what He wants to share. 

As I waited on the Lord, I had a sense I needed to look back at what I have dreamed about for the future. I searched through Evernote, my electronic journal, and found my Dream List. 

(Just a side note: I really began a dreaming partnership with God in 2012. Then wrote a book, God’s Dream for Your Life, to help you dream with God. You can purchase your copy on Amazon and download my free Dream Worksheet @

I began to read over my 48 dreams I am dreaming with God. I updated my list with 3 categories; fulfilled, currently in process, and coming soon. As I did, I was so surprised at how many dreams I am in the middle of living – right now! 

Ephesians 3:20 says — that God’s mighty power works in you and you live from His miraculous power that constantly energizes you! 

When you declare that over yourself, there is something that happens from within you — whether you feel it or not! The word “power” is dunamis — said to be as dynamite, the dynamite of God is living within you! His active power is working in you all the time. The outcome of our declaration is learning to partner with God in seeing the dunamis power of God come alive in your life. 

Ephesians says that through this power, God will blow your greatest request out of the water by giving you exceedingly, abundantly more than your wildest imagination! 

Declare God’s Word with me: 

God will surpass my greatest request by giving me 

exceedingly, abundantly more than my wildest imagination!

Let me share a personal testimony with you as an example of how amazingly faithful God is to our declaration in partnership with Him. 

My husband and I wanted to move to St. Petersburg to be close to two of our grown children. It was on my dreaming with God list. We waited for about a year for God to open the doors for us to list our house and purchase one in St. Pete. 

When we put our house on the market, it sold in 9 daysat full price!

We signed the contract on our new house the next day! 

God is inviting you to live from the declaration of His word. He wants you to agree with Him. He wants to use the mighty power working in you, so you may live from His miraculous power and be constantly energized! And He will surpass your greatest request by giving you exceedingly, abundantly more than your wildest imagination! 

While I was writing these declarations, God showed me how I was to put them into a book; 21 Days of Declarations from Ephesians; Identity, Purpose and Protection. Watch for the release on my Facebook page or

l would love to hear from you. What is your most unbelievable dream? 

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