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Kingdom Mindset

Cindy Stewart ~ Sermon March 3, 2019


The enemy tries to talk us out of what God has said.
A power struggle over receiving our inheritance and promise.
Lies like = can you really handle this?
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The Fire of God

Cindy Stewart Sermon

February 24, 2019

Our identity is found within the fire of God

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Morning Tea with Cassy Fulwood

God’s Dream for Your Life and God’s Word for 2019

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True Heart of God About Money

True Heart of God About Money


Cindy Stewart Sermon at the Gathering, Tarpon Springs, Florida
February 17th, 2019

Little lies within us, we didn’t know were there:

“I could never get out of debt.”
“My family has never been good with money, so I’m not good with money.”
“I feel guilty about having money.”

LiveStream Financial Sozo happening soon on Facebook Live

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God is Cleaning Up!

Cindy Stewart Sermon February 12, 2019

Repent now, because the Kingdom of God is here! No man-made gospel.

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Revival Experiment

Revival Experiment Service


Pastor Cindy Stewart at the Gathering with Jesus

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Cindy Stewart Sermon January 27, 2019

Culture, news, chaos, revival, supernatural, prophecy, the Word of God, and our response.

Who are we? Our response to moves of God.

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Transition vs. Transformation?

Cindy Stewart Sermon Video

Are you forever transitioning, or are you transforming?

Don’t miss what God has in this season!

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Faith, Risk, and Miracles in this Upcoming Season

Faith, risk, miracles, and healings in this upcoming season.

Immediate response, no delay.

God is looking for face to face friends.

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Patricia King about ~ Cindy Stewart ~ More 2019

Patricia King about ~

Cindy Stewart ~ More 2019

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