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What We Have Learned after 38 Years of Marriage

Cindy Stewart: Welcome to Episode 15. This is a transcript of my Podcast interviewing my husband.

My husband, Chuck Stewart is my special guest. Today we’re gonna talk about what we’ve learned after 38 years of marriage. 38 years.

I’m gonna jump right in, and Chuck has actually made a list of things that he wanted to talk about. Of course, I have some things to add to it.

It’s been an awesome 38 years. Of course, it hasn’t been perfect. Welcome honey.

Chuck Stewart: Thank you. I’m glad you asked me to come.


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Love Can Grow in Marriage

So above all else,
let love be the beautiful prize for which you run.
1 Corinthians 13:13 TPT

Imagine what your marriage would be like if you ran after a greater love for one another.

I remember the first date with my husband. It was Labor Day weekend. We worked together and he had called to see if mutual friends from the office had plans for the weekend. As it turned out, everyone had plans; so Chuck and I decided to go out. Within a month, I knew I loved him.

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Willingness to Grow: The Domino Effect

Transformation in the world happens when people are healed and start investing in other people.
Michael Smith

How do you want your family to grow under your leadership?

How do you want to influence others in your work environment?

Our willingness to listen and grow changes others’ lives, which impacts their sphere of influence.

I watched this amazing movie called Collateral Beauty with the actor Will Smith. One of the most amazing scenes was an elaborate city of dominos that was set in his office. The dominos were spread across multiple tables and they were set up in all different colors, shapes and sizes. At one point in the movie, Will Smith touches the end domino and the chain reaction begins as they follow suit.


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Negativity Stops Us – Positivity Propels Us!

This quote by Norman Vincent Peale, whose well-known book is The Power of Positive Thinking, sums up our topic today.

Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World

There are four easy tools to implement to help move you from Negativity to Positivity. These will bring a dramatic change to your thought life, emotions, physical health and dreams for future.

Our mind is more powerful than any computer ever created!


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Stepping into Your Destiny

What do you love?

One of the ways you begin to identify your destiny is by asking yourself —- What do I love?

What gets me so excited that when I am near it — I have to jump in?  

What are the things that burn inside of me — what do I think about day and night?

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Building Your Relational Leadership Muscles

Successful leaders are learners.
And the learning process is on going.
John Maxwell Leadership 101

Many years ago my company sent me to a nine month Leadership Class. I had been promoted to a Director, which carried a Board Position with it. And I needed some extra training in my expanded role. It was grueling and exhilarating at the same time. The class was three hours after a full day and most days I was at work at five A.M., which was the grueling part. However, the class was so well managed with practical applications and interaction with peers it made it an incredible growing time for me in honing my skills as well as learning new ones.

One theme was woven through out:

Keeping your Focus while Building your Team. 

One of the ways to strengthen your leadership muscle is by understanding how you lead. In last week’s blog, we studied Relational Leadership.

In review, Relational Leadership is the ability to build a rapport with their team in a way that maximizes every person’s potential while creating synergy among them in achieving clear set goals.

How do you lead?

Today, we are going to look at two very different styles. In fact they are polar opposites.

Controlled and Contained — Empowered and Released


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Relational Leadership

Improve Your Team Leadership with these 4 Strategies

You can download my New E-Book Relational Leadership with all the information needed to implement these 4 Strategies. 

Are you killing off your team? – I was!

Do you remember the first time your leadership style was critiqued?

Boy, I do! I was actually quite shocked.

I was the manager of a call center that handled some of the most prestigious companies in our region. My boss and I were chatting over coffee about work when he said, and I paraphrase, “You know Cindy, you are terrific at meeting the corporate goals, however, sometimes you leave a body count in the wake of your success. You are so determined to make the goals; you forget it takes people to help you achieve them.” I was taken by surprise! I am extremely relational, as well as, being goal driven, but it was apparent I was not incorporating them together. From that day forward I became intent on developing my skills as a Relational Leader.

What is a Relational Leader?


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Manners: Basic Life Skills

Do they really matter?

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” Clarence Thomas

I grew up with my mom reading Miss Manners aloud to us. If you don’t know who she is – Google her name. She is considered the expert.

Manners are conduct and behavior we live by. It is the consideration of others we interact with. The way we live when where alone should be the same when we are with others, because our manners should be part of our basic life skills for success.

Did you know your success can hinge on your manners? It is true!

As business person, I have noticed a few slips across the board in the Manners Department. Here are the Top 5, check and see if you need to follow the “Tune Up Strategy” to get you back on top. It is important as the tune up is for your car, this life-skill tune up is critical to YOUR success in relationships, work place and stress levels will go down!

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Resourcing Your Dreams

Discover the 4 Resources you cannot live without!

Thank you for joining me. Today I want to help you explore the resources needed in planning for your dreams.

I love this quote by Walt Disney… All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

And to add to that I believe… Our dreams are just fantasy if they are only held in our minds. 

Today be ready to take action by expanding your dreams! Specifically by taking them from your dream worksheet and determining what resources you need to achieve this dream.


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Keys to Identifying Your Passion

What Are The Keys To Identifying Your Passion?

Today I am sharing my interview with Ross Stewart who did just that — he identified his passion and went after his dreams. (You can listen to the interview on iTunes, Unleashing The Champion Within Episode 6.)

Ross is currently the head coach at Leto High in Tampa, Florida. He is a graduate of Endicott College in Boston and East Lake High School in Palm Harbor, FL.  His love for basketball has carried him through high and college and into a career.  Today, Ross will share about how he was able to identity his passion and the steps he took to live his dream.  And oh by the way, Ross is my son.


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