Called to Change ~ Part 1

Episode 72

On this week’s Unleashing the Champion Within, we have a special guest, Ross Stewart. He is going to share with us about when he felt Called to Change. This is a transcription from the podcast of part one of our interview.

Cindy:   Today we’re going to talk about when you are Called to Change and I have a special guest with me today, it’s my son, Ross Stewart. He was on my podcast, it was episode 39, about a year and a half ago. You can go back and listen to it. Much has happened in his life since then and it’s exciting. There’s a lot of change going on and I wanted him to share the process of change. So Ross welcome, thanks for coming today.

Ross:   Thank you.

Cindy:    I’m glad you’re here. Let’s begin with where you’ve been. We talked about you being a basketball coach and all that and then a lot of things changed. So tell me a little bit about the last year and a half.

Ross:    Yeah, so when we last left off I was coaching basketball at a public high school and you’re right since then a lot has changed. So in the spring of 2017, I decided that I would go to another church or start attending another church and I did.

Really that’s where everything began in the spring as I said in April I met my now wife, so that has been a huge, huge change. We were engaged in August of 2017 and married in October.

In that time I went from coaching and teaching at the high school level to being now fully employed at Radiant Church in an operational and pastoral role there so a half and half role. It has been a whirlwind. So I’m sitting here in January of 2019, life completely different from the last time we spoke. So yeah a lot of change has happened in the past year or so.