Celebrating America

Episode 97

This week the United States of America will be 243 years old — Happy Birthday!  I am honoring America with a short story from my book, Insights for an Abundant Life, which is available to purchase on Amazon.

America, The Beautiful was written about our incredible nation. Kathleen Lee Bates originally wrote these words as a poem in 1895 in response to the beauty that captured her as she looked at the land below from the top of Pike’s Peak.

Woven within this patriotic song is a psalm of worship, praise, and prayer to God. The words lead us in acknowledging His beautiful creation, praising His great grace poured out upon us and praying for His refining fire for our great country.

We sing this song to You, Lord God. Hear the cry of Your people and heal this great nation, Mighty God!

Happy Birthday America!

What do you love about America?