5 Small Changes to Your Next Great Thing

What you do tomorrow —
depends on the steps you take today.
~ Cindy Stewart

Did you know if you implement these 5 Small Steps into your daily routine you will achieve your next great thing? It is true!

In my business, I help people discover their dreams and develop a blueprint to turn their dreams into reality. What I have discovered in working with others, and in my own life too, is the need of a framework for each day.

The framework provides structure and support for what we need to complete our 5 Small Steps each day. And the framework also prepares us for tomorrow by using the momentum from what we accomplished today.

Remember how we would draw a house as a child?

We would draw the floor, then two walls, and finally two sides of a roof. It took five lines to build our house.

The five lines it takes to draw our house equate to our 5 Small Steps in building our daily framework.

What are the 5 Small Steps in our daily Framework?

1) Choose One Focus

Most of our days are filled with multiple things we need to accomplish, from the trivial of picking up laundry to the important of setting deadlines. And for many of us we are working at one position while also working on our dream for the future. When you choose one focus that you can work on today it lays the foundation for the rest of the framework.

For me, this is what my day looks like:

4:00 a.m. Reading and Prayer
5:00 a.m. Finish Writing Podcast/Blog
7:45 a.m. Board Meeting
10:00 a.m. Podcast Recording
Noon Meeting
4:00 p.m. Home/Rest/Dinner
6:00 p.m. Teaching Class

My one focus – my foundation, is my Podcast. It is my one small step toward my great thing of connecting others to their dream. Today, I have scheduled time to work on one of the avenues I use to move closer to my dream.

2) Consistency

Our second step is to be consistent and intentional as we plan for the day. Consistency is one of the exterior walls of our house. Each week I write my Blog, which I record as a Podcast. I am on my 65th blog. It is that consistency, which is moving me into my next great thing.

3) Track progress

Tracking progress is our other exterior wall. The advantage to having a daily framework is so we can track what we were able to accomplish. Sometimes the task we have planned cannot be finished in a day.

Yesterday, I began writing my blog, but was not able to complete the entire blog. This began my schedule for today — knowing I would need to finish the writing, so I would be prepared for the recording.

4) Learn from Mistakes

Learning from our mistakes is one side of our pointed roof. Not every day is perfect, not everything will go the way we had planned. So, we learn and adjust our plans as we learn.

Now, I have been writing long enough to know how long it takes me to complete two blogs, which was my plan. However, what I learned yesterday was I didn’t allow enough time for the event I attended. The extra time at the event ate into my writing — so at 5 a.m. this morning — I finished up!

5) Celebrate Victories

Celebrating victories is the other part of our roof and completes our house. When you finish each small step — take time to CELEBRATE! It is the most important step. When you celebrate your accomplishments it reinforces the other steps — Deciding One Focus, Being Consistent, Tracking Your Progress, and Learning from Your Mistakes. Each step makes it all worth while.

Did you complete what you set out to do?

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Remember, you are the best investment you can make.