2019 Promises More

Happy New Year!

We are ringing in the New Year with a promise of MORE! Today, we will talk about how 2018 may have increased your ability to obtain the MORE coming in 2019.

The Lord has shown me 2019 is a season of More. I have been preparing and planning for the More for the last 3 months. Part of my More assignment is to help others move into the More God has planned for them.

For me, the first part of the More will begin on Monday, January 7, 2019 at 7:30pm with the release of my new online class.

More 2019 — is a 9 Month Mentoring Community that will give you the tools to grow your investment in you and help secure your desired outcome.

Together, we will discover a plan to achieve a step-by-step blueprint – a beginning to end process; helping you secure the quality of outcome you are desiring.

Our partnership will help you develop intentionality and tenacity to bring your breakthrough!

I will tell you more at the end of the blog, and you can register for the class on my website:


Let’s get started on today’s subject, 2019 Promises More.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “More is just the beginning — 2019 will set the momentum for the next 10 years of breakthrough.”

Are you ready to design 2019 as the template for the next 10 years?